One step to the final: "Prometey" defeated "Balta" in the first semi-final match of the Super League-Dmart


Super League-Dmart 2023/24 (women)

Semifinal. The first game. March 22

SC "Prometey" — SC "Balta" 3-0 (25:19, 25:11, 25:4)

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Bukmen (8), Drpa (15), Maievska (2), Dorsman (c) (17), Sharhorodska (4), Milenkovic (7), Niemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l). Substitutes: Heiko (7), Oliinyk (1).

Starting line-up of SC "Balta": Volchenko (c) (2), Ratii (3), Skliarova (3), Nohina, Strelbytska (11), Malysheva (1), Karasova (l). Substitutes: Dromova (6), Horbachenko, Lysa, Kalashnyk.

SC "Prometey" opened the semi-final series of the championship of Ukraine against "Balta" with a confident victory. So the "red and whites" were only one step away from the finals of the competition.

Excellent block and defense allowed the "red and white" to confidently lead in the score at the beginning of the confrontation (5:0). Andrii Romanovych responded with a timeout. However, after a 30-second break, Marta Drpa's technical roll and Anastasiia Maievska's ace continued their team's successful streak. 

Later, "Balta" managed to stabilize the situation on the court and return the intrigue, reducing the deficit to only two points (12:10). Perhaps the starting total advantage of "Prometey" was indicated, which played a wicked joke on him. But this did not prevent Petkov's team from leading the party to its own victory - 25:19.

In the next set, the leadership of the current champions of Ukraine was already more tangible. After all, they completely dominated all game elements. That is why their mentor used the rotation, giving Marharyta Heiko a chance to show herself. It was the finisher who put an end to this segment — 25:11.

The third set was also without surprises. In particular, Marta Drpa, who led the team, took courage and scored goals for every taste. In addition, the reinforced concrete block of the "red and whites" did not go anywhere. Hence such a defeat - 25:4.