SC "Prometey" once again defeated "Alanta" and defended the title of champion of Ukraine!


Super League-Dmart 2023/24 (women)

Final. The third game. April 6

SC "Prometey" — "Alanta" 3-0 (25:12, 25:15, 25:11)

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Bukman (6), Meliushkina (7), Dorsman (c) (10), Drpa (15), Sharhorodska, Milenkovic (12), Nemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l). Substitutes: Danchak (5), Oliinyk.

Starting line-up of "Alanta": Protsenko (8), Dzendzelovska (3), Fedyk (4), Lozinska (8), Puhach (5), Parfonova, Lutsenko (l), Boiko (l). Substitutes: Lutsenko.

Our volleyball players are the best! Today, they beat "Alanta" for the third time in the final series of the Super League-Dmart and defended the title of champions of Ukraine. It is worth noting that this season in the domestic arena, "Prometey" did not give a single set to its opponents. An achievement that cannot be surpassed, but only repeated!

The representatives of "Prometey" gave a powerful start, as if hinting that today they are trying to put an end to the fight for the main trophy of the championship (6:1). Bojana Milenkovic and the company stormed the "Alanta" defense time after time, which in those moments often failed (11:3). Soon, Svitlana Dorsman increased her team's lead to nine points with a layup. Of course, it was almost impossible to win such a handicap against such an opponent - 25:12.

The beginning of the next set in terms of the development of events resembled the previous set: the "red and whites" immediately seized the initiative, which was transformed into a confident leadership (5:1). However, Gariy Yeghiazarov's wards adjusted their sights somewhat. In particular, attacks began to take place at the first pace, due to which the intrigue was revived (13:11). However, we state that for a short time - 25:15.

"Prometey" organized another spurt (5:1) on the serve of Diana Meliushkina, who at that moment was distinguished by more than one ace. The volleyball players of "Alanta" no longer had the physical or psychological strength to compete with the current champions of the country. Therefore, in the third set, as in the previous two, it was again without intrigue - 25:11.