"Balta" — "Prometey": "red and whites" reached the final of the Super League-Dmart 2023/24


Super League-Dmart 2023/24 (women)

Semifinal. The second game. March 23

SC "Balta" — SC "Prometey" 0-3 (18:25, 23:25, 7:25)

Starting line-up of SC "Balta": Volchenko (c) (1), Ratii (10), Dromova (11), Nohina (5), Strelbytska (4), Malysheva (1), Karasova (l). Substitutes: Lysa, Horbachenko (1), Kalashnyk.

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Khober(7), Danchak (20), Maievska (6), Meliushkyna (5), Sharhorodska (6), Milenkovych (16), Niemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l). Substitutes: Oliinyk.

Volleyball players of "Prometey" dominated the Balta team in the second semifinal meeting of the Super League-Dmart. In the end, the "red and whites" once again won a convincing victory and made it to the finals of the national championship.

Representatives of Odesa probably surprised their opponents at the start of the match with their thirst for victory. Anastasiia Strelbytska's powerful attacks repeatedly changed the score on the scoreboard (6:2). However, our girls quickly came to their senses, and soon the double block of Anastasiia Maievska and Viktoriia Danchak leveled the parity (8:8). This episode became the reference point of the spurt and, as a result, the victory of "Prometey" in the first set - 18:25.

Andrii Romanovych's wards put up decent resistance in the next set as well. They desperately saved every ball, which for a long time allowed them to be on par with the opponents (8:8, 18:18). At a certain moment after Ksenia Ratii's dink, the Balta team took the lead and came to the endgame as the leaders (23:22). However, the athletes from Odesa did not manage to become the first team that could take at least a set from the "red and whites" in the current season. Because during such a game, the class of the sides came to the fore, which prevails in "Prometey" — 23:25.

However, in the third segment, the struggle did not work out at all. Perhaps it was difficult for the players of "Balta" to gather themselves psychologically after the regret of the previous failure, hence such a crushing score on the scoreboard - 7:25.