Italian specialist Flavio Gulinelli joined the coaching staff of VC "Prometey".


Volodymyr Dubinsky, president of SC Prometey, announced this on his Facebook page.

"This is a world-class specialist! And I am infinitely glad that such professionals are coming to work in Ukraine, at VC "Prometey"! All this is happening thanks to the indomitable, invincible heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whose victory is just around the corner!

The 65-year-old mentor spent most of his career in Italy, where he led 16 clubs. Among them are the famous "Cuneo" and "Wibo Valentia". Under his leadership, "Vibo Valentia", rising from the second division, achieved the best result in history in the first year, taking seventh place in the championship, as well as reaching the 1/4 final stage of the Italian Cup and the playoffs of the national championship.

The Italian's track record includes work with the men's national teams of Brazil and Italy. As a head coach, Flavio worked with the national teams of Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, and Egypt. By the way, since 2015, the Egyptian national team qualified for the Olympics in Rio with Gulinelli.

In the coaching staff of the Italian national team, he became the winner of the World League, the winner of the World Cup, as well as the bronze medalist of the European Championship. In 2009, Gulinelli led the team "Iraklis" (Greece) during the season. The Greek club, which is having the worst season in its history, was revived by the arrival of Flavio and reached the final of the Champions League (the best result in the history of the club).

In the same season, the Italian, becoming the head coach of the Austrian national team, achieved the best result in the history of this country - 7th place in the League of Europe. Before that, the team did not even make it to the qualifying part of major international competitions.

Gulinelli also headed the Turkish clubs "Halkbank" and "Galatasaray". Together with the Greek "Olympiakos" in 2011 and 2017, he became the champion of the country.

Flavio, benvenuto! We are glad to welcome you to the big family of Prometey! I am sure that you have something to teach to our players, to PVLU, and to the whole national volleyball!"Volodymyr Mykhailovych has written.


Flavio Gulinelli (Italy)


The coaching career

1988-89 - Voluntas Asti - assistant coach

1989-92 - Pallavolo Parma - assistant coach

1996-97 - Grande Volley Asti - head coach

1997-99 - Italian national team - assistant coach

2000 - Brazil national team - coach

2000-02 – Grande Volley Asti – head coach

2002-03 – Cagliari Volley – head coach

2003-04 - Lupi Santa Croce - head coach

2004-05 - Südtirol Volley - head coach

2005-06 Taviano - head coach

2006-08 - Top Latina - head coach

2008-09 - Callipo Vibo Valentia - head coach

2009 - Iraklis Salonicco - head coach

2009 - Austrian national team - head coach

2009-10 - Halkbank Ankara - head coach

2010-11 - NMV Castellana - head coach

2010-11 – Olympiacos - head coach

2011-12 - PV Cuneo - head coach

2012-13 - Portugal national team - head coach

2012-13 - BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte - head coach

2013-15 - Slovak national team - head coach

2014-15 – Galatasaray Istanbul - head coach

2015-16 - Egypt national team - head coach

2015-17 - Exprivia Molfetta - head coach

2016-17 – Olympiacos - head coach

2018-19 - Pag Taviano - head coach

2019-20 - Peimar Volley - head coach

2020-22 - BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte - head coach

2022-23 - Med Store Tunit Macerata - head coach

2023 - Egypt national team - head coach