SC "Prometey" — "Alanta": the first victory of the "red and whites" in the final of the Super League-Dmart


Super League-Dmart 2023/24 (women)

Final. The first game. April 4

SC "Prometey" — "Alanta" 3-0 (25:19, 26:24, 25:14)

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Bukman (3), Drpa (14), Dorsman (c) (8), Meliushkina (7), Sharhorodska (1), Milenkovic (15), Niemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l). Substitutes: Khober (9).

Starting line-up of "Alanta": Protsenko (12), Kaminska (9), Fedyk (7), Lozinska (3), Puhach (8), Parfonova, Boiko (l). Substitutes: Dzendzelovska (1), Lutsenko.

Ivan Petkov's wards defeated the representatives of "Alanta" and took the lead in the final series of the Super League-Dmart. Thus, our volleyball players have two victories left before defending the title of champion of Ukraine.

At the start of the meeting, Gariy Yegiazarov's wards were visibly worried, as evidenced by the errors in the serves. For its part, "Prometey" in those minutes acted in its own style, namely, reliably in defense and accurate in attack (5:1). The current champions of Ukraine held such a comfortable handicap for a long time. Of course, this development of events did not suit the coach of "Alanta", who took advantage of the time-out.

After a 30-second break, a successful attack by Mariia Protsenko and a mistake by Marta Drpa reduced the distance between the clubs to two points (10:8). This only angered the "red and whites": they responded with a spurt and, it would seem, had already closed the question about the winner of the first set (19:11). Perhaps they believed in their own success too early, which the opponents took advantage of and returned to the game, but not for long - 25:19.

The beginning of the next set was marked by an equal struggle (4:4). Further, the successful actions of the already mentioned Mariia Protsenko and Marta Fedyk allowed their team to lead with a difference of three points. And already in the next episode, Kseniia Puhach's block-out forced Ivan Petkov to take a timeout (5:9). The numbers on the scoreboard, atypical for Prometey matches, added to the courage of "Alanta" - at a certain moment, its advantage was six points (!) (14:20).

It was difficult for the "red and whites" to block and receive. Later, Yevheniia Hober appeared on the court instead of Melissa Bukman, who significantly strengthened the game of her team in these elements. In addition, the outside hitter was also successful at the final stage of the combinations. In particular, her tight attacks contributed to the incredible comeback of "Prometey" in the second set - 26:24.

After the unfortunate loss of the previous set, the volleyball players of "Alanta" psychologically could not impose such a struggle on their opponents. This explains such a crushing score - 25:13.