"Prometey" defeated "Balta" and reached the semi-finals of the Super League-Dmart 2023/24 early


Super League -Dmart 2023/24 (women)

VIII round. The sixth game. February 15

SC "Balta" — SC "Prometey" 0-3 (13:25, 14:25, 16:25)

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Khober (4), Drpa (10), Maievska (6), Dorsman (c) (11), Sharhorodska (5), Milenkovic (14), Niemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l). Substitutes: Meliushkina, Bukman (2), Danchak (6).

Starting line-up of SC "Balta": Lysa (4), Ratii (6), Skliarova (5), Nohina (8), Strelbytska (4), Horbachenko (1), Karasova (l). Substitutes: Malysheva, Kalashnyk, Dromova (2).

After the victory over the Balta team, our athletes will definitely not fall below the second step in the standings of the regular championship of Ukraine. So today's success guaranteed them direct access to the semifinals of the Super League-Dmart 2023/24.

It should be noted that Ivan Petkov released the powerful team from the first minutes of the match, in particular the leaders of the attacks - Bojana Milenkovic and Marta Drpa. The athletes helped their team to almost immediately provide a comfortable handicap (5:9). Andrii Romanovych took advantage of the time-out, but after the break, his wards lost several more rallies in a row, which nullified all instructions. The replacement of setters in "Balta" did not particularly affect the course of the game either - 13:25.

At the start of the next set, the representatives of Odesa, thanks to their successful actions on the block, not only forced the "red and whites" to fight, but also led in the score (5:3). With the efforts of Bojana Milenkovic, the latter soon regained the initiative (8:10). In the end, in this segment, the players of "Prometey" almost managed to repeat their previous result, and this is with rotation from the coaching staff - 14:25.

In the third set, the reigning champions of Ukraine did not put the case in a long drawer (1:4). Viktoriia Danchak, who appeared during the previous set, was one of the most active members of her club. Thus, after two consecutive successful shots of the opposite players, the advantage of Petkov's wards reached six points (6:12). In the end, there was no intrigue here either — 16:25.