General manager about the team

Генеральний менеджер

The goals of the volleyball team of SC "Prometheus" are not as simple as they might seem at first glance. Victories and achievements are not the only challenge facing the team. The enormous work of athletes is aimed at a global goal - the development of Ukrainian volleyball. The team is new and ambitious. She is performing for the first time in our city, and our task is to show volleyball of a completely different level and class to the residents of Kamen and all of Ukraine. This is a huge work, but we put our energy into what we love. One of the main goals we are moving towards is the development of volleyball both in Kamenskoye and in Ukraine as a whole. I want to emphasize this, because the organization of our home matches will be significantly different from the matches that were in other cities before. This is because we will give people not just a game, but a kind of show. So that even a person who is far from volleyball would like to come to the game, fall in love with this sport, so that children would like to play volleyball. How do we do it? We will give people emotion, we will show something that they have never seen before - European level volleyball. The team of SC "Prometheus" should raise the prestige of Ukrainian volleyball. We have everything you need for this! I have not yet heard a single person who would not like our hall. And this is so: our hall is cozy, comfortable for work, and, most importantly, we want to come here. The conditions of the club allow the girls to completely devote themselves to training and playing, because we do everything so that they do not have any worries. Players are brought to trainings, provided with food, sports nutrition, vitamins, dressed and shoes, provided with the best equipment - there is everything so that they do not worry about anything, but simply give in to the game and their dream - to be champions!