SC "Prometey" continued its winning streak in the Super League-Dmart


Super League-Dmart 2023/24 (women)

6th round. The first game. November 23

SC "Prometey" — VC "Bukovynka" 3-0 (25:12, 25:23, 25:16)

Starting line-up of SC "Prometey": Meliushkyna (6), Maievska (13), Khober (13), Milenkovych (6), Drpa (14), Sharhorodska (5), Niemtseva (l), Vasylieva (l).

Starting line-up of VC "Bukovynka": Starostenko (9), Lokhmanchuk (3), Silchenkova (c) (7), Kaplanska M. (5), Cherkashyna (1), Huseinova, Rotar (l), Drapak (l). Substitutes: Dziuba (7), Kaplanska D. (5), Herasymchuk (4), Zharkova (1).

In the central confrontation of the entire game week of the regular stage of the championship of Ukraine, our volleyball players did not leave their opponents a single chance. The confident and uncompromising victory of "Prometey" over "Bukovynka".

Artem Dyhtiarenko's wards went into the court in the mood for victory. They transformed this gaming passion into a starting lead (1:4). "Red and Whites" quickly played back their deficit. After such an unfortunate episode for the Bykovinka players as touching the net, "Prometey" took the lead (6:5).

The above-mentioned moment became the starting point of the spurt of the Dnipro team. The representatives of the latter acted variably in the attack and in an organized manner on the block. In addition, the serves of Daria Sharhorodska and Anastasiia Maievska were quite good, which earned four aces for two in that stretch — 25:12.

Once again, we should note a difficult start for the current champions of Ukraine. Because the Chernivtsi team resisted and tried to impose their game (3:4). Next, we witnessed the "spike" by Daria Sharhorodska and two consecutive effective attacks by Yevheniia Khober (6:4).

At the equator of the set, "Bukovynka" not only equalized the parity after the time-out but also left their opponents in the role of those who caught up (14:16). Kristina Starostenko was active in those moments, in particular, her attacks took place repeatedly at the first pace.

It is interesting that the teams reached the finish line with equal chances of victory (21:21). Soon Bojana Milenkovic and Anastasiia Maievska "covered" Kristina Starostenko with a double block. After that, the "red and whites" scored a few more points, earning a triple set ball. Although not immediately, Bojana Milenkovic did realize one of them - 25:23.

The third set began with a burst of "Prometey" (6:0). The course of events in it was radically different from the previous one. After all, the dominance of the current champions of Ukraine was total — 25:16.